Saturday, December 7, 2013


Today needs summarized in list form.

  • Got a new author pic taken (not as traumatic as I thought it'd be, and I have a few... I think I'll go with this one)
  • Bruised my index finger pretty bad by banging it against the shower knob after running
  • Did some Christmas shopping
  • Took Ahti to dog park to find a pug meet-up of some sort (crazy-cool to see dozens of pugs all running around slowly, breathing loud breaths in, it seemed, unison)
  • Ate some pre-packaged salad and got violently ill shortly there after
  • Thought I could run it off, so tried running again, and got more violently ill (Asian salad - Tyler Farms - not saying that did it, but that's what I ate 2 hours before getting violently ill)
  • Watched Sons of Anarchy, which was all about a guy getting ill after taking too many drugs, and I got even more violently ill
  • Started feeling better
  • Graded, graded, graded
  • Started feeling even better (perhaps my students' writings have healing powers)
  • Made ginger tea and began writing this blog post with all intentions of going to sleep directly after


Well, at least I have tomorrow left in my weekend, and tomorrow my husband's returning from a business trip, so as long as I'm not violently ill, it should be a pretty damn good day.

In writing news, I had two stories published since my last post.

I hope you all have a good week.

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