Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the Season

I've had a very interesting term this year, with students completely engaged and others barely paying attention. Tis the season. I find that fall classes are often populated by more students who take creative writing "just because" than in other terms. This has been a challenge, but wow, when a student surprises his or herself after outright identifying as a non-writer, it's a great feeling. Grading is done for the term, and I'm coming up for air.

It's December 15th, and I can't believe it. Ten days till Christmas. Sixteen days till we'll bring in the new year. I'm ready. 2013 has been a year of hard work, and though this will likely continue, I plan to make some big changes in 2014.

I always find the turnover of the year an opportunity to improve myself and my situation, so I'm already looking forward to the renewal. This next year, I plan to focus on my writing more, and I have to figure a way to do so (suggestions welcome). Currently, I work an average of 60 hour weeks and write when I can. With a touch more time and focus, I am convinced I could be a very prolific novelist, so that's the goal: to make the time at any cost. As it is, the second novel is coming slowly as I write in fits and starts.

As far as publication news, I have been working with Nate Jordon at Monkey Puzzle Press to release my first chapbook, Don't Tease the Elephants, in March. I'm really excited to move forward with this because it has been a while since I've released a book and this one really represents not only who I am as a writer now but where my writing is going. Feedback is good so far, and I do hope you and the rest of the reading world consider purchasing it when it comes out. I promise it will be worth it.

I was invited to be a January featured author at Connotation Press, thanks to Meg Tuite, and I will be publishing a haunting new story there.

Also, I have just signed a contract to be part of Workers Write! More Tales from the Cubicle, which I am very excited about. That anthology will be released around the same time, in spring.

Off to write a little today before the last full work week at the day job. I wish you all a wonderful week. Happy holidays!

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