Saturday, January 25, 2014

Her and an unidentified plastic object

This week has been strange. The creative writing class I'm teaching started this week, so that's been fun. My husband has been in London until late yesterday, so I've had a lot of alone time. The puppy ate some toothpaste-colored plastic thing that I am yet to identify and got sick Wednesday, so that sucked. Roofers have been working on our apartment all week, except yesterday, so though I've had alone time I have not had quiet time. And, we had a no-snow snow day in San Antonio yesterday. The city basically shut down due to some ice and freezing temperatures, which I loved. Variety is lacking here as far as weather goes, and though I don't miss driving in icy conditions, I do like a little winter (key word being little).

To cap off the week, I went to the movies. I had no desire to see Her, but a friend of mine invited me to go to the movies after a long week, and the showing fit our schedule so I found myself paying nine dollars for a ticket. The movie started out great. I loved the near-future touches, the further division of our selves from a physical society, but I didn't fully buy the idea that high-waisted pants and broom-like mustaches could possibly be the future of fashion. The movie was not represented well by the trailers, I don't think, because the ideas that drive it are far more dynamic than the mere idea of a man in love with artificial intelligence. And though there were some uncomfortable scenes--especially when you're sitting next to two pre-teens eating pizza loudly (smack, smack) and giggling at every bad word or sexual reference--I enjoyed and would recommend the movie.

In writing news, "A Glimpse," a short short that appeared in Eclectic Flash then Thumbnail Magazine has been picked up by Fiction Southeast. I'm honored to be included among some really great writers there. Also, if you didn't get through my ramblings on Toledo last week, I also had a piece of new fiction and interview with Meg Tuite posted at Connotation Press. I got a great acceptance this morning, and I wrote my father a short story on request. I'm most nervous about that one because it took me a long time to write, but hopefully he likes it.

That's all my news. My husband is about to wake up and find out his shoe has been chewed up (Ahti's glad he's home), so I'm off to deal with that.  I wish you all a wonderful week.

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