Saturday, February 8, 2014

Forward momentum

When my classes start, especially Spring Term, I tend to miss a blog or two. These first few weeks were insanely busy, but I have a strong group of students this go-round. I know I probably always say that I have a strong group, but this group is a collective force. Not a single student dropped below the max limit, and they're truly giving their all to the assignments so far. I hope this sustains because though a larger class means more hours of grading, I find this a beautiful way to spend my time.

I'll keep the post short, but I do have writing news. I had a publication this week: "Like Water," originally published in Flash Frontier, is up at Germ Magazine. I will be publishing more with Germ, and I think it's an amazing ePub, as reference, as inspiration, and as a literary hub.

Finally, I have two readings coming up at AWP: The Pillow Talk reading at the Roosevelt and the Festival of Language at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery. More info is HERE. After AWP, I will be reading and having a release party for my forthcoming chapbook, Don't Tease the Elephants at San Antonio College (more on all this soon).

I hope you have a fantastic week. If you need me, I'll be, um, working. :)

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