Sunday, January 25, 2015


I've been having nightmares about hackers and cyber terrorism lately, so I figured I had better post here because what better prompt?

My dream went like this: I woke up in the middle of the light, and my phone was buzzing and lighting up. When I picked it up, a screeching sound came from the tiny speakers and a rough-chinned man with a hoodie on glared at me from the screen. He told me my online persona no longer existed, and that he owned it now. He told me all my accounts were now his, and that it would take years to rebuild everything. He told me he didn't want to be me, only to show me how fleeting it all is. Then my screen went black. I tried to turn on my laptop, and it too was dead. I looked out my back window, and the guy was there, hands in pockets, then I woke up with the feeling that this was happening across the country.

Scary? Mmmhmmm. So this week's prompt:

Write a flash piece about technology terrorism and how a victim of online identity theft would handle the situation. Write for 20 minutes, then stop. Go back and revise later. 

That's it. Go!

My new collection of fiction, AFTER THE GAZEBO, is more experimental than anything I've ever done. As I work with Rain Mountain Press to finalize everything and get ready for the spring release, I wanted to invite you all to vote on the cover. Everyone who votes will be entered to win a free copy when it comes out. See the options on my website. We are leaning toward one of the three, but I figure it will be a fun giveaway.

I probably won't have time to post next weekend due to the literary citizenship festival, but meet me back here in two weeks. That is, if I'm not cyber destroyed. :)

xo Jen


  1. Interesting dream... Hope you stay safe and I couldn't find where to vote.

  2. Thanks! It was so vivid! I think I've been too focused on technology lately. The voting is in the right side column of my website: (you may have to scroll down a bit, depending on your browser).


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