Sunday, February 8, 2015


I don't talk much about the larger world here. I don't talk about world news or even local news. Instead, I talk about me and/or writing. This is a micro blog, and I'm guessing it is more interesting some days than others. I'll keep it short today and relate this whole micro/macro thing to a suggested writing prompt.

  • I almost did a handstand at yoga class today (I have a block around this, so it's kind of a big deal). 
  • I recently wrote a story about a snowstorm. The story, which is up at Atticus Review, can be read online here: A Perpetual State of Awe. 
  • I saw Varekai this week, which was great. 
  • I decided to go to a improv class soon ("Let's do more cultural things," Chris said. Hope he won't regret it when he's pulled up on stage.)
  • Because I'm in San Antonio, I can't too much complain about the weather, but the dog park was overcrowded due to the sunshine. *Sigh.*  
  • I planned to write this blog this morning, but I kept getting distracted. It's almost bedtime.
  • I've had a tough Sunday filled with bad news.  

To sum up the "tough," let's just say three people I love are in a lot of pain, physical or otherwise. This is tough. I personally feel good but am struggling with a project that means a lot to me. This is about as vague as a stock horoscope in a free weekend newspaper, isn't it? Well good. Why dwell? Problems pass. Things change. Besides, I have a prompt to offer you, a prompt based on how A Perpetual State of Awe evolved:

Write about a natural disaster (flood, blizzard, drought, earthquake), and show your characters struggling to work something out in conversation in the midst of this macro (external, greater) problem.     

I don't think this one needs timed.

I'm off to start a new week. I wish you a lovely one, a week filled with joy or at least contentment. I wish you good weather and good food and at least a few full nights of sleep. xo Jen

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