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On publishing short fiction

I have been offering workshops on how to begin a short story, how to revise and polish the story, and how to publish the story for NISD here in San Antonio. Most of the time, my lectures begin with self-evaluation. I ask my students what their goals are as writers, what they currently have to work with (the product or WIP), and how confident they really, truly feel about the work. From there, we construct a plan of action because unlike stock advice, everyone's on a pretty unique journey when it comes to writing. That said, as I developed my notes on the publication process, it felt pretty universal, so I thought I'd share it here at my sorely neglected blog. If anything has come from those prompts I've been posting, this could be useful....

And the bloopers continue

My backdoor window was tough to break the other night, but break it I did. I could have made the bloopers reel for America's worst criminals--trying first with a wrench, then a flowerpot, before finally finding a hammer in my husband's Jeep. Thing is, I had just come off twelve hours of travel, after three plane delays, and I was exhausted, so when I realized that I'd left my door key at the hotel in Boston, I just wanted to cry and curl up in the crook of the tree out back. But, the allure of my sad pup and a cold glass of water lured me to break into my apartment at Midnight. I scared the shit out of my previously sad pup and mended my door with a bunch of packing tape and cardboard until the glass was replaced.

Backtracking a tad, I was in Boston over the weekend. I read from After the Gazebo twice in two days, first in Somerville, at the then in Newton Upper Falls. Driving in Boston was interesting (though I didn't so much drive as navigate) and food was fantastic…