Monday, November 30, 2015

A Week of Observations: P5

I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic. My husband and I managed to travel to Ohio to see my grandmother, to Michigan (for the OSU v Michigan game), to Windsor, and back in four days. Here are a few observations from the week:
  • Canada is cold in late November.
  • It's not a good idea to open an umbrella in a casino, even if you're just walking through.
  • If someone aggressively sells you an umbrella, it will probably do this: 
  • Due to the fact that my husband ran into them in Japan, and we ran into them in Toledo, Ohio, I'm thinking there's a 20% chance that you will run into Exodus in any given hotel restaurant.
  • At any given Thanksgiving celebration, the stuffing should be positioned at least two places down (beyond arm's length) from me.
  • There is nothing like connecting with family, even if for a short time.
  • Ohio in late November is cold.
  • Being the opposing team fans at a big college football game may get you flicked off by an eight-year-old. 
  • Airbnb can be fantastic, as can shepherd's pie.
  • In November, Michigan is cold.
  • Anyone who goes to Ann Arbor should try Zingerman's sourdough. 
  • The year moves fast.
  • A real vacation means blocking email, and a real vacation is nothing short of bliss.
  • There's never enough time with family.  
  • Vacations do not always equal sleep.
Prompt: Go to a competitive sports event you wouldn't ordinarily attend and sit on the opposing side (no home games). The conversations get interesting and are often quite fun. If you can't make it to an event, try to think worst case scenario and write a short story. Twenty minutes. Go!  

Happy Holidays!! 

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