Monday, December 21, 2015

A Week of Observations, Dec 2015: Part 6

The holiday parties have begun, the baked goods are everywhere, the politics blather on, and the lights/blow-up snowmen that freak out my dog are adding color and cheer to our neighborhood. I love this time of year. Here are a few observations from the last week:
  • A weak stomach may mean longevity in a culture of over-eating the inedible
  • Physical talents, such as acrobatics, should not be shared at holiday parties
  • Cactus lights will always make me smile
  • We need an underground movement of those democratic voters in stoplight-red states to move to the swings for a time
  • When you get your twentieth recall notice, it might be time to look for a new car
  • The tiny living movement has taught me smart utilization of space - wow do I have a lot of space! 
  • The non-poet can foster her appreciation for poetry to great reward
  • If you're crafty, you can save a shit ton of money during the holidays (I am not)
  • Good intentions lead to good results, but the timing is always a bit different than expected
  • If you can't sleep, don't try to sleep; get up and do something (this is my latest insomnia strategy, and it's working out better than anything else I've tried)
  • People who don't like dogs probably won't like me
In lieu of a prompt: Enjoy family. Read, reflect, live life! 

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