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Guest Post: Welcome Author Lori Newman

Didn’t See That Coming

It was just her and I, and about 90 degrees outside. I didn't want to cook and heaven knows she can't reach the stove. So, the two of us decided a nice cold sandwich made by someone else would just hit the spot; soda and chips on the side, Yummy. I promised her we would even accept a cookie for dessert.

So, off we went to the sandwich shop where they had a working AC and that was the draw for me. Well and someone else would be personally handcrafting our meal that evening.

The ride to subway was pretty uneventful, we made small talk. I asked her how daycare was. What did she have for lunch? What was the one new thing she learned that day?

Her replies, very cute and so thought out. "Good." "That dog on a stick with the red dip." And nothing, I already know everything, mom."

"That's right I forgot." I said.

"Why do I even put you in school if you know everything?" I had asked.

"I don't even know." She…

While I'm Away, I'm Crossing Genres

If you want to see my attempt at Fiction, check out THE SUPERSTITION REVIEW
Poetry .... Forthcoming work in The Houston Literary Review
Then, of course, if you really miss me, you can always check out my memoir Musical Chairs
I welcome any comments (but, it might take me a while to respond...)

... On the road again

Until Then

This is my last post for a few weeks as I will be traveling the month of January (picking up an MFA along the way). Who but a writer (or perhaps a professional skier) would venture to Vermont in January to pursue her passion?

That's right, folks, with Texas-thin blood and a dream, I'm headed North--wish me luck, I'll likely need it.

So, what did it take to make the journey from fifteen year-old runaway with ghetto dreams of owning the newest pair of sneakers and getting a bottle of Boones Farm to get me through the day to thirty year-old MFA graduate? I'm not going to lie to you: it took ten years of incredibly hard work, numerous false-starts and $66,000 in school loans (you should know by now, I hold nothing back). But, my dreams are bigger than Texas now, and I'm here to tell you, if I can do it, ANYONE can.

My next post will be mid-January, so in the meantime, I wish all of you a beautiful holiday season. Don't neglect those resolutions--make them realis…

Getting Yelled At By Neighbors ... Again

My dog, a Blue Heeler named Buddy, watches every move I make with detached interest. I sometimes feel as though I am his personal reality TV star. After all, he follows me from room to room, even sitting outside the bathroom when I go. This never bothered me; in fact, I found my short spunky shadow a reassuring, accepting presence in my life.

Because I'm off work, I am beginning to notice that his clingy behavior is getting worse. He's expecting too much from me: walks five times a day and pets 24/7, even as I sit in my cushy office chair, attempting something literary. When I leave the house to meet with friends or run errands, he pouts--this is the one time that he refuses to look my way. With the jingle of keys and the turn of a knob, Buddy sighs loudly and curls up on the couch, facing anywhere but the front door I will selfishly exit.

Buddy is the first dog I've owned since I was a kid. He's a lapdog, rarely hyper, and he never barks unless threatened by an…

The Joy of Reading: Let's Not Forget

I feel renewed, as though I just got back from the most relaxing meditative vacation: a cruise or an island getaway, those unique breaks that allow quiet personal reflection, healthy indulgences and overdue relaxation. In fact, I'm just temporarily unemployed.

The furlough in my work schedule is not the reason for my current sense of contentment, however. What is? Books. Stories.

You see, I've spent the last two weeks reading almost non-stop, and although I am constantly reading, this was intense. I feel as though I have rekindled my love affair (obsession?) with books, and in the process remembered their irreplaceable role in my life.

Allow me to explain... Since publishing my memoir, I have been an Internet whore, so to speak. I've clocked many non-working hours online: joining social network sites, making e-friendships and trading resources with other struggling writers, whom I believe have great promise and, like me, are still developing their platforms. I have…

HOW TO BE PERFECT ...and live forever

(the EXTENDED version)

Purchase the following:
grape seed extract, acai extract, omega 3-6-9 and a multi-vitamin. Eat only whole foods, foods that are preferably locally grown and in-season. Don't drink, don't smoke, do not eat anything with refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Consume exactly 64 ounces of liquids each day for every 120lbs you weigh (do the math yourself).

Exercise four times a week, varying the routine. Incorporate at least twenty minutes of cardio during each workout. Do not attempt the same repetitive exercise in excess, it will cause joint strain and end up backfiring in later years. Use weights in repetitions of at least four. The last set should cause your arms or legs to shake, otherwise, you are wasting your time.

Stretch. Do yoga. Knit.

Purchase only natural deodorant, shampoo, soap and cleaning supplies, and when you purchase them, please use your recyclable bags so as not to harm the enviornment.

Live in Wyoming, but travel at least once a year. D…


Mom always told me that consistency was necessary for sanity. A long time ago, I gave up on sanity. But, I know what she means. Consistency offers comfort, it allows expectations to be filled.

As a reader, the idea of consistency makes me think about favorite authors. I am one of the many readers out there who finds a book she loves and wants to read everything the author has created, expecting more of the same genius. Rarely do I find this is the case, but I continue to try (the definition of insanity?).

I'm sure many factors contribute to a writer's inconsistency. Writing is something that takes time, patience, perspective, and it can't be rushed. If it is ...
This might account for the fact that I have absolutely fallen in love with, say, The Liar's Club. In turn, I fell for Karr. Then I read Cherry ...

I was in love with Cather in the Rye, so I fell for Salinger, but then I read Nine Stories ...

I found myself consumed by Kafka, who I continued to read until…