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Forget the week, I just want to talk about today

Writing News:

I am thrilled to share an excerpt from my novel at WIPs! Although I'm not under contract for this book-to-be yet, I really believe in the story. Hopefully it will find its way to print soon. Huge thanks to Roland Goity who has offered my work such a fine stage. He also interviewed me about the project here: WIPs Conversation.

"After the Gazebo" (originally published in ARDOR) was highlighted at The Original Van Gogh's Ear Anthology. This story has grown legs and walked off. I love it.

I have a few stories forthcoming that are short and punchy, so I'll post soon. In the meantime, no other news but I am writing my butt off. Still no title for this next novel, but it's coming together little by little. I've decided to be a full-time writer even though I also work a 9-5 and a part-time job. I haven't done the math yet, but I'll let you know how that goes.

Personal News:

Horrible week, so I'll just focus on today. The glory of small …


This week, a new publication launched: A cappella Zoo 11. I wrote a story about little monsters that save people's lives in unpleasant ways. The short story shares the tentative title of my novel, but it is not an excerpt. It is it's own world, to say the least. If you order ($6), I hope you enjoy.

Today, we plan to go to the Humane Society. Both my husband and I were secretly looking at the postings of dogs that need homes, and when we each realized the other was doing it too, we decided that we would at least look. We'll see what happens.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. If you write, check out my updated site. I
am working toward making a very long list of writing prompts there, for my own reference, for writers, and for students. If you know of any great prompts, please let me know. I'll add your name to the prompt, if you'd like. I want favorites, friends' favorites, and the best ones found in writing books. I plan to add little by little until I have…

Purse or pocket

I finally bought a purse. I got it from Marshalls for ~$15, and I cringed a little when I handed over the money. I'm not a purse person, not in the least. I'm a big wallet, phone in pocket person. I find it annoying to travel with a bag wherever I go, and I don't like the shoulder sag. What if I want to run? What if I have a tendency to lose things (I do)?

These two questions are enough, usually, for me to go purse-free. But, lately, it seems everywhere I go requires some kind of paperwork, my phone, my wallet, and a lipstick. (I don't really need the lipstick, but I like to have it.) Women's business pants hug the leg, if they fit correctly and the woman is not underweight. And women are rarely allowed the luxury of deep pockets. The cards are stacked in the favor of the purse industry.

The reason I bring up my aversion, recent limitations and subsequent concession to carry a purse is that it has really thrown me off my game this week. I'm not exaggerating.


All lit news

Just a few things this week, some short story/publication news.

I have a brand NEW STORY HERE.

A (relatively) OLDER STORY, AFTER THE GAZEBO (ARDOR), received some keen attention this week, showing up in writing sites, such as this one (which is awesome): GREAT WRITERS STEAL and a brand new site, MINOTAUR'S SPOTLIGHT. As an aside, this story was written when my dog was diagnosed, and though the roles are flipped, it was motivated by my reaction to that reminder of mortality. It was a tough one to write, and I had no idea where it was going--it was one of those that just came, all out in an hour or so. (Of course it took months to refine, but that draft came out like a shot.) It's one of my less direct and more emotional pieces, and somehow it still worked, so I'm really happy that people seem to enjoy it.

Finally, I wanted to mentions some GREAT books out by folks I'm honored to know. DEAD LETTERS (poetry) by Joani Reese (which I haven't read yet, but ordered the ot…