Wednesday, December 31, 2014


"New Start" by Ryzaki

Happy New Year!!!

As you may know, I am a big fan of resolutions. I am a huge fan of new beginnings. In order to begin anew, however, one must take stock of where she's at. As much as I'd love to let Facebook do it for me, I think I'll sum up my year myself, no algorithm, just plain old human memory bank.

In 2014, I traveled to Seattle for AWP in February, I began work as a research analyst across ICT markets, I published a fiction chapbook that I love even after print, Don't Tease the Elephants. I ventured to Nebraska and had truly life-changing time at The Art Farm. I visited my family in Massachusetts, and I struggled to write a novel. I finished a novel. I spent good time walking and dining with and hugging my husband and dog. We found a new living space and set up home. We spent a lot of money on Christmas decorations and enjoyed a solitary if beautiful holiday. I made new friends. I decided to do more in 2015. This is all the good stuff, the stuff I talk about. I also had surgery on my ear; took my husband to many, many, many appointments; worried over family and friends; beat myself up here and there for not doing better, looking better, being better. But to bring it back home, I am grateful for this year. So incredibly happy to have survived another one and to have made it to the year Back to the Future Part II took place in. To 2015!!!

I'll post a new prompt next week. Proud to have these final publications for 2014:
writing to art in:
& my piece on not having children in:

2015 Resolutions:
  • Be good to my friends, love them unconditionally
  • Write more regularly, find my routines
  • Find representation for my novel and work on the second one diligently
  • Have fun
  • Keep believing that things can happen at those moments it doesn't feel as though they will
  • Travel more, host literary events, give back to the literary community
  • Laugh more
  • Try a new food, at least one
  • Meditate regularly, to keep perspective
  • Zip line some damn where
  • Go to Honduras, go home, attend a residency
  • Do more of what is in-line with who I am
  • Have fun!

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