Saturday, May 9, 2015

Presto change-o

For a long time, I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ve worked as a research analyst while teaching fiction online, contributing to freelance projects, and trying to write creatively on top of all this. This ridiculous schedule has amounted to very little downtime, and over the last few months it has taken a toll. I haven’t been sleeping well for a long time, but I’ve been too scared to leave my day job due to worries over money. 

Well, a few months ago I decided not to let my fears surrounding money dictate my life any longer. I was making myself sick, and there’s really no greater cost. So, I said hell with it. I made a goal to change my lifestyle by June 1, and I’m so happy to say that the universe opened up. I am at the apex of change, and I couldn’t be happier. 

I have recently taken on a new position as the Writers in Communities Program Director at Gemini Ink, a literary empowerment organization that brings writing and reading to communities in San Antonio and beyond. Writing changed my life by allowing me to realize that I had a voice, and a voice that matters. This position will enable me to pay that forward in many ways. 

Being a WIC Program Director is drastically different than my current full-time job, and I’m in a whirlwind of emotion. This is me, making a move that is scary but necessary, and I am eager to get started. Because I am living my art now, in all regards, I also plan to dedicate more energy to my writing and building my writing career. After theGazebo will be the catalyst for this, I hope. I’m so proud of this book, and I hope you will read it if you read this blog.  I put my all in, and I did it for you.

Speaking of blog … since I will have more scheduling flexibility and a whole lot of new and interesting experiences, I will update here more regularly again soon. For real this time! I mean it!! I’m going to aim for every other week.

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Write a story about a character on the verge of making a major change in careers; for instance, a model who is taking on a new career as a real estate agent or research manager; a physician who retires and takes on a job at a café; a retail worker who begins a career in mystery shopping… Have fun with it. Show the consistencies in character and how s/he changes with environment. 


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