Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall writing news so you know I haven't been sleeping on the job, I thought I'd take this week to share my literary updates. I had three pieces published this week, two new and a reprint, along with an interview. Time is a flash fiction work up not at apt. Also, at Curly Red Stories, I am the fall featured author (how about that?!). Here I have an interview, a reprint, and a new story in honor of an old friend.

I'd love for you to read one or two of the above because I have another few pieces coming out, then I'll have a sort of dry spell as I work on longer projects.

Off to a weekend of dog walking, grading, movie watching, more grading, more dog walking, and maybe even some Christmas decorating (I know, but I can't help it) and some writing. If I'm lucky.

I wish you a fantastic week, filled with luck and good weather. -Jen


  1. They push us, "long form is all that counts..."
    Enjoy creative spurts. Flash fiction is Coumadin for the brain, interviews make us reflect and though Loenid is masked by the moon tonight we only have this one sky right now.

  2. Thanks, Caroline. I will! Interesting and lovely way to put it. Wow. I agree, short form is a necessary outlet, it dissolves blocks. But focus on any creative venture is so key.


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